Sarah Khan, Falak Shabbir blessed with baby girl

Celebrity couple Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir, are proud parents of a baby girl Alyana Falak. They announced the news on Instagram. The baby was born on Friday 8 October 2021.

Sarah Khan’s baby girl

The couple had begun preparing for the new born’s arrival months back. It was lovely to see the nursery room preparations that they had made for the baby. The gender reveal was obvious when a lot of the wardrobe and room decor shown contained hues of pink. Now, as the baby has come into this world, the couple shared such adorable pictures of the child. They revealed the baby’s face in a video in which they showed mother Sarah Khan cuddling the baby.

Falak Shabir in awe of mothers

In an Instagram post husband Shabir shared his emotions about mothers. He is in awe of his wife’s strength. He states in the caption

MASHALLAH When it comes to true strength and the ability to endure pain, women blow us away. The morning sickness, the heartburn, the sleeplessness, backaches, mood swings and what not! Then there’s also the mental stress of worrying that the baby they’re carrying is healthy, juggling work with pregnancy exhaustion, trying to plan out the nursery down to the last perfectly matched detail and coming up with a baby name that’s unique enough to stand out! Then, at the time of giving birth the pain mother feels is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Can you imagine the mothers pain and love? SubhanAllah!

The Zindagi singer Shabir is so proud of his wife, he further shares, in a touching statement

I’m convinced that mothers are superheroes because they can handle anything the universe has to throw at them! Sarah, you’re not just a mother of my child but also the beat of my heart. I promise to love you and protect you and our daughter till the day I die.


Countless fans have left congratulatory notes for the popular couple. Sarah Khan and Shabir tied the knot on 16 July 2020.

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