Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza's photos from the Cannes Film Festival in France are certainly pleasing to the eye.-Social Pakora
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Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza’s photos from the Cannes Film Festival in France are certainly pleasing to the eye.

In their recent photos from France, Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza are absolute perfectionists. This incredible duo is in France for the Cannes Film Festival. Sarwat Gilani, the most beautiful actress in town, will be representing her film Joylnad, together with the rest of the cast and crew. Joyland will undoubtedly be screened at the famous film festival.
It goes without saying that the film Joyland by Saim Sadiq has made us proud. It’s a fantastic endeavour to help raise awareness of Pakistani cinema. Sarwat Gilani will undoubtedly perform during the occasion. Countless statistics from around the world have gathered in France to showcase their respective countries.

Serwat Gillani’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival was not well received by the general public.
People wanted Mahira Khan to represent the Pakistani film industry. Sarwat Gilani, on the other hand, is loving her time in France with her husband, and their gorgeous photos are undoubtedly blessing our feeds. Her outfit selection and style are very amazing. Her printed floral outfits are undoubtedly adding to the summer clothing inspiration.
The 75th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, and we’re getting our first glimpses of our favourite Bollywood and Lollywood actors. Since her video from the event went viral on social media, Aishwariya Rai has been mocked for her phoney English accent.

Our Celebrities are prepared to make us even more proud. We wish Sarwat the best of luck and continued success.
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