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Shagufta Ejaz telephoned the timepiece back, looking inconceivable in her rearmost filmland!!

A beautiful face of Pakistani media, Shagufta Ejaz. In 1990s she started her career at PTV. Gorgeous Shagufta Ejaz is considered one of the first- class actors of Pakistan and won utmost of the people’s hearts through her debut with Jangloos. This brilliant actress also won the Hum Styles award for “ Stylish Supporting Actress ” for her part in Mera Qatil Mera Dildar.

Shagufta Ejaz has been a part of this media Assiduity for a long time in this time. She performed numerous phenomenal characters in numerous plays including Waabal, Mushkil, Chaudhary And Sons, Bahu Rani, and numerous further. Envy By Shagufta Ejaz is the name of the charming Shagufta Ejaz’s beauty parlour.

Coming to her Family Shagufta Ejaz got married to Yahiya Siddique and her four daughters Anaya Ali Siddique, Haya Ali Siddique, Nabiha Ali Siddique, and Eman Ali Siddique.

lately, dazing Shagufta Ejaz is again seen in front of the camera and photoshoots after a break. Her ramp walk for Kashees matrimonial jubilee was another position of beauty and charm. She was looking absolutely stirring in the bridle vesture.

The ramp caught fire with her always stunning smile and stride. Her rearmost photoshoot and makeup by#akifilyas have again set social media forums on fire.

In these recent filmland, Shagufta Ejaz is seen wearing a black and unheroic skirt in which she’s portrayed just like a beautiful doll. She’s wearing antique chokers that are also enhancing the beauty of this suitable lady. Her beautiful lifted eyebrows are just magnifying the beauty of this evergreen lady. The skirt is so beautifully carried by Shagufta Ejaz as it’s meant for her to wear. She just proved through her rearmost look that “ Age is just a number ”.

What are your views about this stirring makeover partake your feedback. Thank you!!

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