Shahid Afridi shares a romantic note for woman Nadia Afridi on their 22nd marriage anniversary

Shahid Afridi shares a romantic note for woman Nadia Afridi on their 22nd marriage anniversary-Social Pakora

Still, maybe Afridi’s name comes on the top list, If we talk about the stylish all- rounders and captains in Pakistan. Yes, Shahid Afridi, who’s known as Boom Boom in world justice. One of the special effects about this joe was that he could n’t stay at the crinkle for long. When he came to the crinkle, people had a lot of prospects from him because he only came to hit sixes and fours. And because of this, he has won numerous times the honor of scoring further runs in smaller balls.

In the time 2022, if the age of former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is mentioned, also he has turned 42 times old. But still looking at his fitness and his style, it looks like he’s a youthful joe and still playing justice. Afridi has verified numerous times in his interviews that he was veritably devoted to his passion. And that’s why he was always on training and taking care of his fitness. On the other hand, this boy also has the honor of representing Pakistan Super League( PSL) formerly from each megacity.

Not numerous people know that Shahid Afridi is the father of five daughters. And one thing is in the heart of Shahid Afridi, he’s still deprived of the birth of a son. But in an interview to a private television channel, Shahid Afridi said that his daughters are everything to him. And he noway keeps in his heart that Allah has not given me a son. Another good news is that Shahid Afridi has engaged his eldest son Ansha Afridi to Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi. And veritably soon Ansha and Shaheen are going to get wedded.

But in moment’s composition,

We will see how Shahid Afridi released a loving communication for his woman celebrating their 22nd marriage anniversary. Shahid Afridi, while participating a picture of the mountains with his woman wrote to his woman Nadia, “thank you veritably much for being my woman. And he also said that I’m veritably thankful for the happiness that has come to my home. In the end, he said that you’re responsible for everything that has happed to me so far.

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