Shocking! 'Arez Ahmed ke Sangat Ka Asar,' remark netizens, referring to Hiba Bukhari's recent public appearance-Social Pakora
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Shocking! ‘Arez Ahmed ke Sangat Ka Asar,’ remark netizens, referring to Hiba Bukhari’s recent public appearance

Hiba recently married Arez Ahmed in 2022, and the couple is now spending quality time together. At their wedding, they both radiated charisma. Hiba looked stunning in a classic white and peach lehenga, while Arez looked dapper in an off-white sherwani. The couple tries to match their clothing colours to demonstrate their closeness and to draw attention from the crowd.
Hiba recently shared a photo with her husband in which they are both wearing the same clothing. The couple appears to be adorable, but the internet is enraged. They’re making fun of Hiba because her shirt buttons were undone. Arez is said to have done her cosmetics like a girl.


They also stated that they both appear to be the same person, despite Hiba’s appearance as a guy. Hiba had a lovely personality before the wedding, but she became blunter afterward, according to one source.
People claim that these women come from respectable families, but that once they get celebrity, they forget about their roots and culture. They believe that nakedness is fashionable, and that anyone who does not dress provocatively does not appear modern, and will not be cast in films or dramas. This has become a fad in Pakistan, however it is unpopular.
What do you think of the way Hiba and Arez are dressed in their matching outfits? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments area. Thanks!

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