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The Conversation Between Hiba Bukhari And Arez Ahmed Is Literally The Most Romantic Story On The Internet

So, here is the most beautiful romantic storey about these two love birds. Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed. They recently married, and the internet is swamped with their enthralling and extravagant photographs. We can’t get enough of chanting this lovely couple’s praises. Arez Ahmed appears to be going to great lengths to impress his wife Hiba Bukhari.

The couple was seen having a lovely talk on their approach to the event. This chat was full of love expressions, smiles, laughter. And the joys of being with your loved one. Hiba Bukhari shared their first meeting and, of course, Arez Ahmed’s first impression in this talk. She recalls Arez Ahmed’s initial sight on set giving her the impression. That there was a baby boy on set, and she wondered why he was there. Who knew she’d turn out to be the love of his life?

Arez, on the other hand, appears to be more animated and in love. He claims that he remembers exactly when, how, and where he met Hiba. Hiba claimed that her spouse Arez vanished after Nikkah. He was with his buddies or she didn’t know where he was. We’re drooling over this adorable duo because of their lovely chat and teasing.

They married in a very modest and intimate ceremony. Their joy may be seen in their expressions. Off with your evil eye! You can watch the entire video of their lovely talk in this article. This couple has a special place in our hearts. Without a doubt, they are the most popular. And polished duo in the profession.

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