The shocking appearance of Nauman Ijaz at 8th Hum Awards 2022

The shocking appearance of Nauman Ijaz at 8th Hum Awards 2022-Social Pakora

Nauman Ijaz is among one of the most given and evergreen faces of Pakistan. Nauman Ijaz has been a part of this assiduity for a long period of time. He’s a Pakistani TV and film actor along with this Nauman Ijaz is also a television anchorperson and television show presenter.

This dashing personality man is also a philanthropist of numerous awards including Lux style award, the 7th Hum Award, and also a receiver of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance in 2012. Nauman has been working in PTV since 1998 and till now he’s also working as a elderly actor. In 2017, Nauman Ijaz co-hosted the chat show G Sarkar with the prime minister.

Pakistani award shows have always been a center of contestation as the bone
who gains the award calls these award shows completely merit- grounded while the bone
who can not earn these calls these award shows favoritism grounded.

Nauman Ijaz has also shown his enterprises about these award shows as he considers utmost of the award shows favoritism grounded. He has formerly said that he doesn’t work for awards as they aren’t rate- grounded. But, lately Last night Nauman Ijaz is spotted attending the award form of his Son Zaviyar Nauman. Then the question arises about Nauman Ijaz’s former statements that he gave about different award shows. His son, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz has got the award of stylish manly sensation.

The suckers aren’t in favor of giving an award to Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz as they consider him an vacant actor. Then the question arises whether the award given to Zaviyar Nauman is merit- grounded or favoritism grounded. Eyebrows were obviously raised as Nauman Ijaz has always considered this award shows spurious and favoritism grounded.

What are your views on Nauman Ijaz attending his son’s award form? Partake your feedback. Thanks!

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