The sight of Asim Azhar's ex-girlfriend Hania Aamir hugging Merub Ali at a concert has shocked the public-Social Pakora
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The sight of Asim Azhar’s ex-girlfriend Hania Aamir hugging Merub Ali at a concert has shocked the public

The romance between Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar was the talk of the town. They were frequently seen together and declared their feelings for one another. They were regarded as the most prominent and attractive pair in Hollywood. Hania Aamir abruptly changed her mind, rejecting her relationship with Asim Azhar and referring to him as her best friend in an online chat with Aima Baig.
Following Hania Aamir’s comments, Asim was subjected to vicious trolling, leaving him despondent and depressed. Hania Aamir was also involved in some controversy, and their situation became very complicated. Asim later met his true love in Merub Ali, and the two are now engaged. Their sweetest photos have gone viral on social media.

We’re taking you back to the past of Hania and Merub Ali, which is currently available. Hania Aamir is seen hugging Merub firmly in an old photo of these stunning girls circulating on social media. The photo was taken at a performance at their college, and it proved that they were on good terms. People were completely unaware of their friendship, so it’s a shocking image. This love triangle has piqued people’s interest in the subject.
This image has caused a lot of people to be amazed. Some have speculated that Hania Aamir was having a snake and that she was the one who became her ex’s supporter after she left him.

When Hania Aamir was sighted at Asim Azhar’s concert, she too accomplished marvels. Oh, this chick understands how to get people’s attention.
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