The University of Karachi initiated Solar System.

The University of Karachi initiated Solar System; a way to power conservation.

Energy conservation is one of the biggest issues nowadays. We have the least power resources and cost-effective bills due to the electric energy. To overcome this problem we are moving towards other choices. One of the most beneficial and useful resources is Solar Energy or Solar System.

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University of Karachi initiated Solar system.

The University of Karachi established once again Solar Power of 32 kilowatts of electricity at the Arts faculty. The project was begun in October 2020. Initially, Solar power was introduced at the faculty of Applied Chemistry in September 2019. Later in the arts faculty.

Inaugurating Ceremony presented by Murtaza Wahab.

Murtaza Wahab establishing in Opening Ceremony

Initially, Sindh Law and Environment Minister Barrister Murtaza Wahab inaugurated the ceremony of installation. He said;

“A change being witnessed in the university and it is a matter of pride.

Also, KU vice-chancellor Prof DR Khalid Mahmood Iraqi appreciated the efforts of the Alumni Association. He said ;

Karachi was one of the luckiest cities of the world where solar power was available throughout the year to generate clean electricity.



Energy conservations are the biggest issue nowadays. The step is taken because of two main reasons. Firstly, the university has good geographical features. Secondly, it has an open wide area which contacts with Sunlight. The system will not only benefit the students and University authorities but also overcome the high electricity bills. For instance, It will help the environment to be clean. The solar system is a wonderful use of the energy given in nature and utilizes it at a very reasonable cost. For the upcoming future, it would provoke other educational institutions to get benefit from the use of solar energy. At last, it is the best way of power modification that will give a lot of points in reforms of power and energy.

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