Waseem Badami was sighted at school with his respectable wife and son.-Social Pakora
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Waseem Badami was sighted at school with his respectable wife and son.

A well-known journalist named Waseem Badami regularly appears on the Ary news station and the Ary Digital-hosted Ramadan presentation. He graduated with an MBA in marketing and was born in 1985. Waseem is a very powerful and hardworking individual who constantly stands up for the truth and disfavors any false information. He currently hosts a political show called 11th hour. He was raised in Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Information and Technology, and he was born in Karachi.

Health basics, skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrances are all available under Waseem Badami’s new brand. His website, wbhemani.com, also offers access to all of these goods.

His items are highly dependable, and Pakistanis can simply locate his outlets. He is goods are essentially split into two categories, one for men and one for women, and they are not very expensive. All products may be found for affordable costs.

Mahira Fatima, a housewife who was married to Waseem Badami, has never appeared in any of his YouTube videos or on-air segments. A recent addition to one of his fan pages is a family photo. The couple showed up at the parent-teacher conference for their son’s school. Adil Abbas, their son, attends PECHS in the Beacon House School System.

His wife appeared in a photograph for the very first time. She is a very respectable and beautiful woman. She displays her strong ties to her religion by donning a head scarf.

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