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YouTube celebrates the success of content creators in Pakistan

Mubashir Saddique:

Mubashir Saddique, is a Pakistani YouTuber and food vlogger. Who is known for his Village Food Secrets channel. He usually uploads videos of traditional village dishes. But also provides alternative recipes on how to cook modern cuisine and fast food.

Mubashir Saddique Culinary Success:

Google South Asia released a documentary about Mubashir Saddique’s channel. Mubashir hails from a remote village in the South of Punjab, Pakistan. He used to work in Sialkot in a factory and would cook on weekends for his parents. His elder brother, Muddasir worked in a mobile shop. He suggested Mubashir, start a YouTube channel.

Pakistani ‘jugad’ (improvisation skills and makeshift hacks) has been here for centuries. He explains in the video how he made his first smartphone tripod. His cooking style, too, has a lot of improvised approaches to the customary culinary playbooks.

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Internet Career:

He started the channel in 2017 and by today his channel has grown exponentially. He has around 2.8M subscribers whom he dearly refers to as a family. His first video was about making ‘mooli paratha’ (flatbread stuffed with mashed/grated radish). He tells that he has always thought about being his own man, having a business.

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Out in the open field, outdoor cooking is becoming a trend recently on Instagram. A wide array of recipes and his interaction style with his audience led him to success. Many common Pakistani recipes are showcased and he takes on Continental dishes as well. He serves his father towards the end of the video. The 80-year-old grandpa enjoys it and his catchphrase has become ‘heart of the channel’. “Zindabad Mubashir Puttar, Maza Hee Aagaya” (Long live Mubashir son, enjoyed it a lot)

Mubashir Saddique released a video recently. That he is overwhelmed and emotional on all the support that he’s been given. However, He says he is sincere to his roots and continues to create delicious recipes. For his village every two weeks.


They say ‘ma ki god insaan ki pehli darsgah hai’ (a mother’s lap is a child’s first school). Her experience and knowledge is where I got my passion for cooking. 

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