Foods You Can Have Instead of Pakoray this Ramadan

Karachi is undoubtedly the hub of authentic Barbecue flavors, ranging from the tender and juicy beef/mutton

I’m not saying that the following list of foods is healthy in any way, but aren’t we all a little bored of pakoras, samosas, and other fried items by now? Why not go for something different to have in iftaar today, which is easy to make and not-boring at the same time? Here are foods … Read more

7 Wardrobe Essentials Every Desi Woman Should Own!

Many of us desi females are easily coaxed by the fashion rage and love to hoard too much of trendy outfits which would save us last minute dawats and events. But this craze for totting up a plethora of duds equally puts too much strain on our limited budget. And sadly, we all agree that … Read more

Arthur Fleck Psychology Analysis: Karen Horney

Today’s article is a little different from previous articles and I’m sure you can tell that from the title. For today’s article, we’ve decided to analyze Arthur Fleck AKA Joker from the movie Joker using Karen Horney’s concepts of neurotic trends and neurotic needs. The concept of Neurotic trends talks about basic attitudes that were … Read more