10 Ways to Make Money Online as a Student in Pakistan

Earning money online is becoming increasingly popular among students in Pakistan, as it allows them to make money from the comfort of their own home. With the rise of the internet, there are now a variety of ways for students to earn money online. Here are 10 ways to earn money online for students in … Read more

The Friends Reunion Is Really Happening


Friends Reunion It was the news we’d all been waiting for years, but now we’re left wondering ‘is this much-anticipated Friends reunion actually happening?’ Taking to Instagram, Greg Grande told fans: “Wait for it !!! Excited to be part this project and see my work come back to life ❤️🙏 #onemoretime #friendsreunion.” While Matt Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing … Read more

Roohi Opening Week: Configured After Pandemic.


Roohi is the first Bollywood Movie after the world pandemic of COVID-19. It’s opening week configured after the pandemic. Its opening was poised released movie gained up to 3.2 crores consecutively in three days. Because of the worldly hazards, the moviemaker wasn’t assuming the theater’s massive crowd. But at least, it was the better goal … Read more

6 hyped ism-oriented ideologies you should be aware of:

In today’s era we, humans have been subjected to many ideologies which have been subjective in their context and have been under extreme controversial debates. So, we decided to low-down some of these terms that you may hear quite often into brief sections for your better understanding. Feminism I bet you’ve all heard of the … Read more