How to Have a Strong Marriage


Do you think that you just know everything about your partner? Or does one believe that you just have your whole life to understand someone? The fact is that nobody can claim to understand everything about their partner in one go. it’s an extended road where you learn something new about your partner every single … Read more

Effective Advice for Building a Healthy Relationship

best for relationship

Do you want your partner to feel loved and connected to you? You may create and maintain a solid, fulfilling, and joyful relationship by using our advice. Building a Healthy Relationship Every love relationship has its ups and downs and requires effort, dedication, and a readiness to change with your spouse. But there are actions … Read more

In love-up images, Hasan Ali and Samiya Arzoo enjoy the snowfall

In love-up images, Hasan Ali and Samiya Arzoo enjoy the snowfall-Social Pakora

Due to his dismal performance in the T20 World Cup, Hasan Ali was under a lot of pressure. Some speculated that Hasan Ali’s catch in Australia’s semi-final match. Was the reason for Pakistan’s elimination from the World Cup final. People on social media slammed Hasan Ali so harshly. That he began concealing his face after … Read more

Sadaf Kanwal’s comments on feminism upset Twitter following

sadaf kanwal faces comments on feminism

Sadaf Kanwal’s comments on feminism have disappointed supporters on Twitter. She said, “Our husbands are our culture”, which has left many readers puzzled. Sadaf Kanwal’s comments on feminism Sadaf, model cum actor, married Shahroz Sabzwari in May 2020. They seem to have a happy marriage. Her recent statements show she is a devoted wife at … Read more

British Prime Minister Congratulate Royal Family to their Daughter’s Birth

British Prime Minister Congratulate Royal Family to their Daughter's Birth-Social Pakora

British Prime Minister Boris Jhonson sends greetings to Prince Harry and her beautiful wife Meghan Markle who recently became a parent second time. British Prime Minister Congratulate Royal Family to their Daughter’s Birth. On the birth of their daughter British Prime Minister issued statement by using their twitter handle, he said “Many congratulations to the … Read more

And Our very Own Feroze is Back!

Feroze khan will be seen soon in his upcoming drama. we all wait for this moment so long and now things are just a step away. so a little while ago Feroze announced that he’s leaving showbiz for religious reasons. “My fans have been waiting for a statement from me. I announce that I quit … Read more

Attachments and D-ttachments:

When we’re talking about life we talk about ‘WEALTH’, ‘FAME’, ‘TECHNOLOGY’, ‘LUXURIES’ and, so on in all these big jumbles of words we’ve forgotten to talk about LOVE, DESTINY, HAPPINESS, and more. Today, in the 21st century, where virtually everything is technological and materialistic, where everyone has only one pressure to make more and more … Read more