Although in my view the educational institutions shall not be reopened again on 15th September.The social -distancing expectations and wearing mask requirements for the primary is unrealistic. Within a few days of the opening of school will result in an increase in corona virus cases and teachers and students become ill. All it takes is … Read more

Masaba Masaba: And why you should watch it:

Masaba Masaba is a new Netflix series that was released recently on 28th August 2020. It is a small Netflix series that circles around the lives of famous Bollywood actress, Neena Gupta, and her real-life daughter who is a renowned designer, Masaba Gupta.  I don’t usually watch shows like these but this showed up on … Read more

Attachments and D-ttachments:

When we’re talking about life we talk about ‘WEALTH’, ‘FAME’, ‘TECHNOLOGY’, ‘LUXURIES’ and, so on in all these big jumbles of words we’ve forgotten to talk about LOVE, DESTINY, HAPPINESS, and more. Today, in the 21st century, where virtually everything is technological and materialistic, where everyone has only one pressure to make more and more … Read more


KARACHI HEAVY RAINFALL 2020. The city of light Karachi gets flooded by heavy rainfall. In this rainfall, many people’s houses got destroy and around 40 to 60 peoples lost their lives Due to this heavy rainfall. People get stuck in the traffic because roads are full of water that cars, buses, and bikes can’t move … Read more

Chadwick Boseman Died-cancer took another life

The Black Panther Died-Rip- Chadwick Boseman-Social Pakora

Marvel film’s Black Panther’ Star, Chadwick Boseman Died at the age of 43. He lost his battle against colon cancer after 4 years. Boseman died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family by his side. Publicist Nicki Fioravante said on Friday. today is michael jackson’s birthday, same day we … Read more


URBAN FLOODING IN KARACHI 2020 Urban Flooding in Karachi 2020. The monsoon season in Karachi normally starts from mid of July and ends near September firsts. The first spell of rain in Karachi was hilarious. It’s before Muslim Festival Eid-ul-Azha while Muslims bought their animal for holy Sacrifice and they face so many problems regarding … Read more

K-Pop: The International Rise Korean Music Industry

K-Pop: The International Rise Korean Music Industry-Social Pakora

K-pop refers to Korean pop culture or the Korean Music Industry which getting popular worldwide including in Pakistan. As of recently, it has started getting famous among the youth in Pakistan. The youth is inspiring with K-pop artists and their lifestyles as well. Radio channels have started playing more K-pop songs and people around the … Read more

Rights of the Transgender in Pakistan

Rights of Transgender in Pakistan-Social Pakora

Rights of the Transgender in Pakistan Transgender? “A person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex” Well, in our society Transgender stands for “Nothing”. Right? Cuz. Duh! It’s the Trans genders we are talking about nobody (majority) gives a damn when it comes to them. Read: this-is-how-you-can-record-calls-on-android-iphone/ A … Read more