China’s Courts Are Now Utilising Ai to Deliver Swift Justice

China's Courts Are Now Utilising Ai to Deliver Swift Justice.

A judicial AI called Xiao Zhi 3.0 or Little Wisdom is already helping lawsuits against 10 people who failed to repay their bank loans. I think the Chinese courts go one step further. A district court in China’s Hangzhou city has begun using an AI judge assistance program to provide instant justice. Called Xiao Zhi … Read more

10 Tech Widgets and Accessories You Can’t Live Without Them

Tech Widgets and Accessories

As a technologist and absolute tech nut, there are essential widgets you can’t live without. Some of them are necessary for work or study, others are just a lot of fun or about to ease my life. I’ll let you know my Top 10, plus as a perk! Laptop The absolute number one, and the … Read more

Facebook Shop


Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook Shops, where businesses can open a sanctioned Facebook runner, give real-time client service, and vend products on a limited, ingrained Facebook Page. Dealing on Facebook Shops is Easy Businesses can advertise on their Facebook Page, or partake in a Facebook post that announces their Facebook Page. After that, it’s all about … Read more

5 Ways to Prepare for Exam Season

preparing for exam

It is difficult to manage your studies sometimes when you have a hectic schedule. As the exam season is approaching, most of us waste precious time fretting about the exam rather than actually using this time to our advantage. Here are 5 ways to help you prepare for your exam effectively. 1. Start Early This … Read more

Dos & Don’ts of Ramadan to keep you Healthy

food ramadan

Finally, the glorious month of blessings, Ramadan is upon us. Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims around the globe with great zeal and enthusiasm. As we enter this blessed month, a lot of us tend to stray from our normal diet plans and schedules and it takes a toll on our health. Here are some dos … Read more

Heat Warning: How to Stay Cool in Summers


Don’t let the oppressive heat keep you from enjoying everything that is wonderful about the summers especially when you’re just about to be reunited with mangoes and beaches! Here are 5 ways you can keep your cool in summers: 1. Get Some Houseplants Plants have immense benefits. They purify the air and help bring the … Read more

5 Pakistani Celebrities And Their Shocking Glow Ups

pakistani celebrities

Do you remember looking at your old school pictures and refusing to recognize yourself? That is the case with almost everyone. Celebrities aren’t born cover shoot ready and to survive in a cut throat entertainment industry, many celebrities had to undergo a lot of transformation to look as they do now. – 5 Pakistani Celebrities … Read more