10 Tech Widgets and Accessories You Can’t Live Without Them

Tech Widgets and Accessories

As a technologist and absolute tech nut, there are essential widgets you can’t live without. Some of them are necessary for work or study, others are just a lot of fun or about to ease my life. I’ll let you know my Top 10, plus as a perk!


The absolute number one, and the bone I need to work and study is my laptop. I’m an Apple girl regarding laptops, a MacBook Pro 13 is my go-to. What I like about its macOS, is the most stylish Unix system ever made( at least for my norms and requirements).

print from author
This is one of the particulars I’m looking for to upgrade in 2022. I’m staying for the new M2 processor to be released and also deciding if I’ll keep with the MacBook Pro line or switch to MacBook Air.=


My smartphone is another tech essential if I want to be productive. I can read and occasionally respond to emails while I’m exchanging, I use a smartphone as a contactless payment system at supermarkets, and I use a mobile operation that allows me to travel on the public transport of my megacity without fussing about diurnal tickets or yearly passes. The more egregious uses are for music( Tidal nut then), Uber/ Bolt/ Glovo, and also apps, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Banking Apps, Social Media, and the list goes on.

My current smartphone is a Huawei Mate 20 Lite. I not presently looking for an upgrade, but in the future, I’ll search for a lower android smartphone( 6″ or less). It seems that presently only Apple knows that consumers who prefer lower phones still live.

Headphones and earbuds

Xiaomi Air Blotches

I’m not an audiophile, but I like excellent sound quality. As I said in the former point, I’m a Tidal addict, and low sound quality makes my cognizance hurt. I’ve three dyads of headphones Sony WH- 1000XM3, Audio- Technica ATH- SR6BT, and Sure SRH440. Oh, I nearly forget, Xiaomi Mi AirDots.

Sony WH- 1000XM3

Starting with Xiaomi AirDots, which I only use for running. The Sony XM3 are my go to while commuting, trip, or working in busy surroundings. Audio- Technica are my go to when I want sound quality and clarity. I ca n’t describe how important I like my Audio- Technica headphones, I only use them at home or for small walks in my neighbourhood, and always with a DAC/ AMP( string connection) connected to my smartphone. And the last bone , my Shure SRH440 brace, also only used at home and connected with DAC/ AMP rather with laptop, and for harkening passions or classic music.

Shure SRH440

Actually saying, Sony WH- 1000XM3 sound is nothing but good and noise cancelling is excellent, yet, I still prefer the sound of Audio- Technica.


For those who like high- dedication( hi- fi) music, a DAC/ AMP paired with a good quality headphones is a must have. I like to hear music while I work, and I like to hear all the small details in the music I’m harkening. I’ve a movable DAC/ AMP, a DragonFly Red from AudioQuest. It can be used with both laptop and smartphone, is small and important, and sounds amazing when paired with my AudioTechnica or Shure headphones.

DragonFly Red


I’m a running girl, and indeed before smartwatches were released with a huge quantum of features, I was formerly a stoner of sports watch to cover heart rate, and distance( early days only with smartphone GPS and devoted apps). moment my loved smartwatch/ fitness watch brand is Garmin.

Garmin Venu SQ

I’ve two biases, a Garmin Venu SQ that I use every day for general health monitoring, to read announcements from my phone, and I also have a rainfall and timetable app. I like it because of the non-compromising design, good battery life and I still can use it to seriously cover some exercises.

Garmin Forerrunner 245 Music

My other device is Garmin Forerunner 245 Music that I use for running. I prefer a further specialised watch for running because of the redundant criteria it provides( recovery time, training effect, training suggestions,) and due to the super visible screen( always on) that’s a must while I’m following custom exercises.

Tablet pen

I use my tablet every day. I don’t perform any heavy tasks on it, it’s just web exploration, as an alternate examiner/ PC while I’m working, to partake in internet connection when wi- fi isn’t available, to read PDFs and take notes on it, with OneNote( my favorite tablet app) for work and study, and indeed as a mouse pad! It’s also my companion when traveling for downloading and upload of my trip prints from my camera to Google prints. One thing I don’t do in my tablet is to watch flicks series.

Samsung Galaxy- Tab S6 Lite

I’ve a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, with S- Pen. It’s a pleasure to write on this tablet and take notes. I’m not presently allowing in an upgrade, but in future I know I’ll look for a tablet with a slightly bigger screen.


still, I’m obsessed with functional and good quality packs, If other women are obsessed with fashionbags.However, so a pack is the stylish option, If you look at this list you know that everyday I need to carry a lot of stuff with me.

Targus Sol- Lite 14

Inside my pack you’ll always find a laptop, tablet, mouse, dishes and other lines, power bank, my portmanteau, paper tablet, some make-up, pens, and a bottle of water.


Photography is my main hobbyhorse. I’m passionate about photography as a hobbyhorse since I was a child, and my birthday presents used to be camera rolls. With the digital arrival, getting into this hobbyhorse has come more affordable, still, I still shoot film occasionally, and I’ve enough good collection of old cameras( but this is for another post!).

My current set includes a Sony Alpha 7i. This is the main camera that I use for family pictures, family events, and when I just want to go out, shoot and relax. Also, the Sony mount allows me to use old lenses from film cameras, and I’ve attachments to use Sony A7i with my old M42 lenses and some canon bones too.

Sony Alpha 7i

My other camera is a Canon 250D. This camera is cropped detector( still good and perfect), and I use it for travelling. This a fairly robust camera, with exceptional battery life, and incredibly small and featherlight for a DSRL. Photographic results are amazing, as with any other Canon DSRL camera.

Canon EOS 250D


Another necessary tool in my everyday life is a power bank. My smartphone battery doesn’t reach the end of the day every day, occasionally I forget to charge my headphones at home, occasionally I’m traveling and I need redundant power during my trip, and the count goes on

Xiaomi Redmi PowerBank
The main inconvenience of a power bank is that occasionally I forget to charge the power bank!

Movable Speaker

This is a movable speaker, but I substantially use it at home. The sound is on while I’m bathing, while doing housework, for a romantic regale or connected with my television for a redundant sound while aiding a movie.

Sony SRS- XB10

It’s also great stuff for trips, so I can hear my music in my room without the sound and battery negotiations of using my smartphone. In fact, this little piece is able to give a veritably decent sound for a big room, with the quality that’s anticipated from Sony.

perk trip Coffee Mug

Well, for me coffee is like energy. I didn’t stop drinking indeed during my gestation( although I reduced input). still, or I’ll not have coffee available, I must carry coffee with me, If I know I’ll not work in a coffee shop( or near). I keep my coffee hot in a trip Mug, and I can work far and wide indeed if coffee isn’t available. utmost of the time I just have a filled mug in my office so I don’t need to get up to get coffee( which improves my productivity).

trip Coffee Mug

Now let me know your loved widgets in commentary and which one would you add to this list. You can also check my 7 yearly subscriptions I can’t live without.

Thank you for reading.

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