Heat Warning: How to Stay Cool in Summers


Don’t let the oppressive heat keep you from enjoying everything that is wonderful about the summers especially when you’re just about to be reunited with mangoes and beaches!

Here are 5 ways you can keep your cool in summers:

1. Get Some Houseplants

Plants have immense benefits. They purify the air and help bring the temperature of the room down. Plants release moisture in the air that increases the humidity in the environment and makes it cool and comfortable. Visit your nearby nursery and get some nice indoor plants for your home and notice the change.

2. Stick to the Shade

It’s common sense, I know.  But seriously, avoid any unnecessary outings or activities during the day. I’ve seen so many people playing sports in the scorching heat and struggling to even stand straight afterward. Even if you do have to be outside for some reason, make sure to grab a cap or an umbrella to protect yourself.

3. Eat Spicy Foods & Avoid Ice Cream

Sounds absolutely crazy, right? But think about this, what happens when you eat spicy food? You start sweating, right? The mechanism of sweating is our body’s way of attempting to cool itself down. So when you eat something spicy the sweat makes you cool down (even if that means your tongue has to be on fire!)

Similarly, ice cream has the opposite effect on the body. What is better than a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day? But the high-fat contents in the ice cream make it difficult to digest. This increases the body temperature.

4. Eat Water Rich Fruits

Getting dehydrated in summers is very easy. Make sure to stock up on all the water-rich fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits like watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, etc. They are very easy to find and extremely rich in water.  

5. Change your Closet

I know some of us cannot live without wearing black clothes but research has it that black clothes absorb heat. Ditch your black clothes this summer and pull those light-colored cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are much cooler than synthetic fabrics.

Being a Pakistani, the heat is extremely tough to deal with. Remember to take care of yourself and the small vulnerable animals around you. Put a small bowl of water outside for the strays. Remember to stay hydrated and have a happy summer!

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