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Egypt Stages ‘Golden Parade of Pharaohs’

Egypt Stages Golden Parade of Pharaohs

On Saturday , Egypt carried out a historic procession. They carried their ancient rulers to their new resting place in Cairo. The grand spectacle carried 22 mummies altogether. 18 kings and 4 queens including the great Queen Hatsheput and King Ramesses II –


The mummies of the ancient rulers moved from the classic Egyptian museum to their new resting place in Cairo. Each mummy had a lavish custom made and shock absorbent vehicle surrounded by security.

With tight security arrangements befitting their royal blood and status, the mummies were relocated to the new museum.

They were transported in chronological order of their reigns from the 17th Dynasty ruler to Ramses IX, 12th Century BC. The event included many artists, musicians and choreographed dancers that performed in traditional ancient Egyptian style.

“This grandiose spectacle is further proof of the greatness of a unique civilisation that extends into the depths of history,” said President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

The mummies will undergo 2 weeks of laboratory restoration. After restoration they will be show cased in their new resting place, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Amidst the Covid-19 era, there was a huge spike in the cases in Egypt. After the decline in the corona virus cases, the tourism bans were lifted and the event took place in an attempt to invite the tourists back to their country.

Many people on twitter called the event ‘The best tourist advert I’ve ever seen in my life!‘.

Egypt Stages Golden Parade of Pharaohs


The new exhibits will now house in the Royal Hall of Mummies. They will be displayed to the general public from 18th April. Egypt’s authorities are hoping that the new museum, will help strengthen tourism which is a prime source of foreign currency for the country.

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