Dos & Don’ts of Ramadan to keep you Healthy

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Finally, the glorious month of blessings, Ramadan is upon us. Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims around the globe with great zeal and enthusiasm. As we enter this blessed month, a lot of us tend to stray from our normal diet plans and schedules and it takes a toll on our health. Here are some dos and don’ts to look out for while fasting so you remain healthy throughout the month.

1. Hydration is the Key

Fasting in summers is tough especially if you’re living in Pakistan. By staying hydrated I don’t mean chugging down gallons of water at Sehri. Make sure you keep drinking water every few hours throughout the time between Iftaar and Sehri. Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty, thirst is the indication that your body is already dehydrated.

2. Increase the Fruit Intake

It is essential in summers that you increase your food intake. Be it in the form of fruit juices, or rather a simple fruit chaat. Fruit juices and fruits contain water and they’re easily digested. Fruits like watermelons and cantaloupes are rich in water and helps manage your thirst during the fast.

3. Avoid Spicy & Fried Stuff

I know we all wait the whole year just to eat those samosas and pakoras guilt-free. But are they really worth it if they send you into a food coma after iftar and gives you heartburn? It may be very tempting to go for those fried spicy pakoras on the table, which is why it is essential to limit yourself. Instead of having fried stuff every day, choose to have fried stuff once a week.  

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4. Make Dairy your Bestfriend

Do make sure to fit a glass of milk, lassi, or a bowl of yogurt in your Sehri meal. As yogurt and dairy-based drinks help you stay cool and thirst-free during the course of your fast. Yogurt is rich in protein and also helps in keeping your energy up throughout the day.

5. Don’t skip Sehri

I know you’d much rather sleep but Sehri isn’t just a Sunnah, but also very essential for your fast. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in Ramazan, Sehri is the most important meal of the day as it allows you to keep your strength up during your fast gives you a chance to get hydrated. With long fasting hours and the intense heat of the summer, there is a high chance of dehydration.

Do remember that food isn’t the only thing that Ramadan is all about.

Ramadan Mubarak, may this Ramadan be full of blessings for all of us.

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