O21 Disrupt: Changing the Entrepreneurial and Tech game of Pakistan!

021 Disrupt is a local startup that exhibits conferences in which different international speakers, visionary people, investors, and entrepreneurs pitch their experiences, investment opportunities, and ideas.

And like every year, the fourth edition of 021Disrupt continues to take place digitally. The conference started on November 30 and will come to an end on December 5th, 2020.

This year’s virtual conference aimed to feature

  • 30+ investors and mentors for one-to-one conversations,
  • 500+ startups across Pakistan
  • 60+ international and local speakers from diverse industry sectors,

Many international speakers are also a part of this initiative including  Guy Kawasaki – Chie Evangelist CanvaMary Grove – Managing Partner, Bread and Butter VenturesChris Yeh – Cofounder, The Global Scaling AcademyMudassir Sheikha – CEO & Co-Founder CareemDurdana Achakzai – Group Director Digital Transformation & Chief Digital Officer, Vodaphone UK, William Bao Bean – General Partner SOSV and various other financiers!



After several months of intense activity, we’re really excited to launch 021Disrupt 2020. It is our flagship yearly event and a lot of passion, love, and effort goes into making it a reality. Each year we’re humbled and grateful for the response we get from our community. This year has been a challenging year for startups and professionals alike. As responsible citizens, we made a decision early on to make 021Disrupt 2020 a virtual event. This will not only keep our participants and speakers safe, it will also enable participation from all over the world making it an even more vibrant event. We can’t wait to have you join us!”

President P@SHA and Founder The Nest I/O, Jehan Ara 

The conference has been supported by many the established partners like HBL, Fatima Gobi Ventures, Engro, Unilever, Wisdom, etc, and it continues to provide and share insight into the professional experiences of the attendees and provide an opportunity to engage, co-create, and invest into Pskitan’s changing technology game.