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The Launch of “ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal” – Naheed Super Market

Komal Rizvi is a Pakistani actress, singer, songwriter, and a television host. She started her career from PTV. She started her career at age 16 when her talent was spotted by a family friend of her brother Hasan Rizvi, who is a dancer and an entrepreneur and also performed with Komal at various fashion events. Now a days she launched her own safe skincare brand by the name of Truly Komal. 

Posted by Naheed Super Market on Friday, February 12, 2021

Now Komal is following the latest trend and she is featuring a special product in her brand with the name of Shoaib Malik.

May be an image of 9 people, people standing, footwear, indoor and text that says 'ORE ILLIBLE THE SHO ERFUM OMA PAST BALMAIN PARIS ELINE'

Yes she is collaborating with our very famous sport star Shoaib Malik .

Today they were captured at Ribbon cutting ceremony for Launch of “ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal”, exclusive skin care products

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