5 Travel bloggers who’ll inspire you to plan a new adventure

Pakistan has a lot of talented travel bloggers who are creating amazing travel blogs that are full of adventure and creativity that influence the travel enthusiast to ‘get out and travel’.

Here are 5 travel bloggers that are inspiring people to travel that you should also follow.

Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq Khan

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One of the coolest couples on Instagram who are inspiring people for travelling by posting coolest pictures and crazy videos.

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Their idea behind their blog “Pantangeer” is to become the coolest Pakistani travel couple in which you can also make money. They are the official pioneer in travel blogging as a couple.

Instagram- @patangeer

Anam Hakeem

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She is a sole female travel blogger that is breaking the stereotypes and also inspires females who wanted to travel alone.

In one of his posts on Instagram, she shared how it used to be like solo travel and experience to enjoy his loneliness termed as solitude. She also shared tips on convincing your family to let you travel.

Instagram-  @girlwithgreenpassport

Areesha Khan

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Areesha Khan is also one of the best bloggers when it comes to creating amazing content in terms of traveling. She has written many blogs on traveling in which she also discussed how to travel in Europe on a budget.

She also suggested few points of destination for travel lovers in which includes Bali, Greek Island, Iceland and Switzerland.

Instagram-  @littlekhanswanderlust


Bilal Hassan

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Bilal Misti also has a good blog by the name “Mystapaki”. He has also a good engagement in his Instagram page in which he used to capture demographics. His blog has inspired from Humans of New York, and communicate the tales of different local people.

Instagram- @mystapaki

Mubashar Sadiq

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He has captured the most aesthetics pictures and his feed has mostly pictures of landscapes as he preferred not take his own photos.

He has traveled to Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and Vietnam. His feed gives a very organic vibe to his followers as he beautifully captures nature in his pictures.

Instagram-  @imubasharsadiq

These travel bloggers and many other like them are doing an amazing job to promote Pakistan on national and international level by promoting tourism in Pakistan and introduce themselves as proud Pakistani outside Pakistan.

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