Ahmed Ali Akbar, the hero of Parizaad, is all praise for Writer-Social Pakora

Ahmed Ali Akbar, the hero of Parizaad, is all praise for Writer

When we say the word Parizaad, Ahmed Ali Akbar’s innocent visage appears in front of us and he is the actor who has established himself as the most brilliant. And well-known in the theatrical industry. Ahmed Ali Akbar has worked his magic and enchanted everyone with his heartfelt performance and now people have become so enamored with his character. That they believe Parizaad’s anguish and grief are their own.

Ahmed Ali Akbar Appreciates Parizaad Writer

Here’s some good news for Parizaad’s fans. He was recently featured in a chit-chat video where he credited the success of this show to the writer Hashim Nadeem. Hashim Nadeem, he believes, is deserving of all accolades. And acclaim for penning such a unique and intriguing novel.

He couldn’t stop himself from playing this character after reading the article. Ahmed Ali Akbar had no idea that this role would bring him fame and acclaim. He claimed that he has always known that the story of this drama will undoubtedly drive people wild for Parizaad. As a result, the writer deserves credit.

Hashim Nadeem responded with a humble and generous response. This accomplishment and gratitude, he continued, is totally due to the collaboration and also the fascinating persona of Parizaad, Lubna, Malik Karim. And the complete cast has all contributed to Parizaad’s great success and He also praised the dedication of crew members and even spot guys to the job. Parizaad is in the process of making history. We have never seen a better series than Parizaad.

What are your thoughts on the drama? Before you dismiss this piece, don’t forget to add that you’re also watching this drama with bated breath. If so, please tell us about your favorite moments in the comments area below. Thanks!

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