Arifa Siddiqui and hubby turn heads at Nida Yasir’s Ramadan program

Arifa Siddiqui is the stylish actress and songster in Pakistan. She has been seen acting and singing in numerous PTV dramatizations and shows. Arifa Siddiqui had had total control over the Pakistani entertainment industry. But gradationally time changed and the fame of this actress dropped. And she faded from the television screen. Arifa Siddiqui and hubby turn heads at Nida Yasir’s Ramadan program.

still, Dehleez, Qismat, If we talk about Arifa Siddiqui’s successful dramatizations of the history. And her singing show Chilman has been relatively popular among people. However, she’s living her life according to some Islamic rules. And she wears a dupatta constantly. If we consider Arifa Siddiqui’s particular life moment.

Arifa Siddiqui and hubby turn heads at Nida Yasir’s Ramadan program

On the other hand, all of you must know that Arifa Siddiqui started her wedded life by divorcing Tabeer Ali a many days agone.

Last night, in the first show of Ramadan, Arifa Siddiqui shared in Nida Yasir’s show Shan-e-Suhoor. Where she opened up about her particular and professional life.

She wore all-black clothing when she attended Nida Yasir’s event. And she also had a dupatta on her head that appeared to be appropriate.

In response to a question, Arifa Siddiqui’s hubby said. That age is just a number, if one person understands another person. Also there’s no problem with age. He further said that a 100- time-old human can not have the internal disposition. But a child may be relatively intelligent.

The actress went on to say that we were never supposed to talk about the age difference. Tabeer is a thoughtful individual, according to Arifa.

Do you guys also feel that it does n’t matter if you marry a youthful or aged woman. A joe needs to be mature? Don’t forget to inform us of your academic pursuits. Thanks!

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