Ayesha Khan calls Kubra ‘absolute best import to Pakistan’

Ayesha Khan calls Kubra ‘absolute best import to Pakistan’-Social Pakora

Celebrity birthdays can be a treat for their fans and followers. Not only do they get to enjoy unseen pictures. But discover what their favourite stars call each other away from the lens.

“My Bubboo, my soul sister, my Ayesha,” Kubra Khan wrote for fellow actor Ayesha Khan, wishing her a happy birthday. “Wishing you trucks and ships full of happiness and peace in this world and even more in the next. To many, many more years of this bond. The late night laughter and to all good that’s yet to come.”

Many of Ayesha’s fans now know that she has a nickname: Bubboo. But Ayesha made sure Kubra’s followers knew she has one too, and that’s “Kuby”.

“You are truly one of a kind, the absolute best import to Pakistan,” cheered Ayesha (Kubra grew up in London). “I love you beyond words, my soul sister, my jaan, my beauty with a heart of gold.”

Ayesha revealed that Kubra is the “one constant in her prayers because she worries about her beautiful heart that only knows how to give”. Kubra said she can’t wait for their next reunion.

Fans are particularly amused when their favourite fans indulge in a banter on social media. Hira Mani, Ayeza Khan, and Imran Abbas often treat their Instagram followers to adorable and friendly exchanges. Which include artists from across the border as well.

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