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Everything You Need To Know About Babar Azam’s Wedding

Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricketer who now serves as the country’s captain. Babar Azam’s leadership of the Pakistani team in the ICC T20 World Cup is deserving of commendation. He has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to obtain the position he presently holds. His remarkable performance in the ICC T20 World Cup has garnered him millions of fans.

PCB posted a video of Azam answering the most often asked questions about him. His first inquiry was about his origins. To which he replied that he is from Lahore. And that the most unique aspect of this city is its excellent cuisine. He mentioned that certain historic eating establishments are known for traditional delicacies such as PAYE.

When asked about his earnings, he smiled and replied that he would not share them. But went on to say that his earnings much exceed people’s expectations. He also mentioned his bats, stating that he prefers to utilise different bats and uses Grey Nicolls bats. His bat selection is based on where he is playing. The pitches, and other factors. While addressing the questions, Babar Azam was in a pleasant mood.

In response to the most frequently Googled questions about his marriage. He smiled and revealed that he doesn’t know when he’ll marry, but that his family does. For the time being, his entire attention and focus is on cricket. With 303 runs in the ICC T20 World Cup. Babar Azam was the leading batsman. In T20, he is presently ranked as the best batsman.

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