Extravagancy at its peak, Gold coins being squandered at a marriage in Lahore

Extravagancy at its peak, Gold coins being squandered at a marriage in Lahore-Social Pakora

Pakistan is surely at the worse stage of an profitable extremity. People are dying in this nation only to receive Do Waqt Ki Roti, and entry standards aren’t being followed. It’s getting nearly an insolvable task for people to make both ends meet. Pakistan’s frugality has blown into sheer extremity. Each new day sees a worsening of the situation. Neither you’re sure about your future nor about having your coming mess. This is the one- sided picture of our country the forthcoming bone
is really more intimidating than this.

lately we ’ve seen a videotape making rounds on social media where a bridegroom is standing in the middle of the stage and it seems like it’s presumably a Qawali night event.

Well, the man and woman in the videotape are spotted squandering gold coins, yes these are real gold coins. The elite class in Pakistan is in this situation. They won’t suppose about those who are depressed.

On the other hand, there’s an elite group/ class who’s ignorant of all this fuss and is busy changing ways to spend their plutocrat. One thing to remember is that the impoverished do not survive.

They don’t consider the actuality of this lower class. If they’re so important kind-hearted and have any soft place for the forenamed class also they would surely spend their plutocrat on them.

How would you dissect this situation? Do Partake your studies in the commentary section below. Thanks!

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