Iran wants the travel prohibition on Covid lifted in Pakistan

Iran wants the travel prohibition on Covid lifted in Pakistan-SOcial Pakora

Iran has urged Pakistan to remove it from category C of its Covid-19-related travel restrictions, claiming that the ban is harming not only flight operations but also bilateral trade.

“Pakistan has retained Iran in category C in terms of coronavirus restrictions, which is adversely affecting flight operations and bilateral trade between the two countries,”

In a speech to the business community at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday, Iranian Consul General Muhammad Raza Nazri said.

In June, the government updated its inbound air/land travel classifications in response to directives from the National Command and Operation Centre. Iran, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Iraq, the Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka. The Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Tunisia, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad. And Tobago, and Uruguay are all classified as category C countries. And people from these countries are prohibited from travelling to Pakistan.

On the other hand, Mr. Nazri stated that no such restrictions existed on the Iranian side. “Pakistan should likewise lift the sanctions against Iran,” he demanded.

The Pakistani embassy in Iran takes a lengthy time to grant visas to Iranians. According to the consul general, but the Tehran consulate in Islamabad supplied travel documents quickly. Despite US sanctions on Iran, he believes there is a lot of trade to be done.

“The Iranian trucks should be allowed to enter Pakistan,” he sought.

The envoy also expressed dissatisfaction with the application of a 50% tariff on Iranian apples. Compared to a 10% duty in Afghanistan.

“We request Pakistan to reduce this duty too.”

On the subject of barter trade, he stated that Pakistan will send rice. And denim to Iran in exchange for Islamabad purchasing electricity from Tehran. The State Bank of Pakistan, on the other hand. Has refused to enable the transaction and has held it on hold.

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