Komal Aziz discusses her experience with cheating in the IBA

Komal Aziz discusses her experience with cheating in the IBA-Social Pakora

Komal Aziz Khan is a talented young Pakistani actress. Who is steadily building a name for herself in the drama industry thanks to her excellent projects and performances. Komal has a sweet face. Which is why she is adored by her followers. In addition, her performances are fantastic and draw a lot of attention.

The lovely actress recently appeared on the show Har Lamha Purjosh. Where she discussed her infidelity experience and suspension from the IBA. While narrating the cheating incident. The actress stated that it is a very awful deed. And that no one should do such things in real life. She stated that she does not want her supporters to behave in this manner.

The Raaz e Ulfat actor revealed that she had recently enrolled in IBA. And was having trouble passing her Management course. Because she was expected to memorise it and write it without understanding the principles. She said that it was extremely difficult for her to take the cheating paper (chit) with her. And that she took the chit out of her pocket while taking the exam.

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“once I took that chit out, the examiner got here and caught me. All of the IBA officers had been gathered. There was a havoc as if some type of terrorist act has occurred. I accepted all the pieces, my buddies instructed me that I will probably be both failed. Within the explicit course or will probably be suspended for six months. And I used to be okay with that however the college suspended me for three years. This suspension was a serious setback of my life, then, I utilized for a scholarship in USA. And graduated from one of many world’s prime establishments. And now I’m right here doing appearing and in addition working my very own enterprise”

She stated that the ban provided her with new opportunities. But that she will never advocate for dishonesty.

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