Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s love chemistry left suckers in admiration

Both Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi are top actors of the showbiz assiduity. Who have been working on the television screen for the once decade. And are busy serving in the Pakistani showbiz assiduity. And both actors have appeared on the television screen numerous times working together in dramatizations and flicks.

Mahira Khan has taken a break from her television dramatizations. And is frequently seen in modeling photoshoots or playing heroine places in flicks. The girl started her showbiz career by hosting a program on a private television channel. In which she appeared as a MC. And she’s also one of the many Pakistani actresses who have made a film debut in the Bollywood assiduity. And her first film was with Shah Rukh Khan.

Hamza Ali Abbasi issued a statement a many days ago. That he’d spend his remaining life in agreement with the principles of Islam. And in the propagation of the religion.

Naimal Khawar also retired from modelling and acting.

However, a few days after Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Pakistani movie The Legend of Maula Jutt. Was published, this statement went viral. on which people reacted angrily to his return to the movie.

On social media, some lovely videos of Hamza Ali Abbasi. And Mahira Khan having a photo shoot have gone viral. In the videos, Hamza Ali Abbasi is seen putting shoes on Mahira Khan’s feet. What other name would you give to this love? Do you also think that people would go to any lengths for a plutocrat?

still, also check out the below, If you guys also want to see the love chemistry of Mahira Khan. And Hamza Ali Abbasi in their old print shoot.

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