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Rauf Lala is under great review after his recent misbehaving with Humaira in Tamasha Ghar!

Tamasha is a reality show on ARY Digital network being inspired by Big master. The recent occurrences of the show are so much disappointing as each member is fighting with one another. These back- to- reverse fights of these sensible members of Tamasha Ghar are really opprobrious as they aren’t only representing themselves but also their culture, family background, and Pakistan.

Rauf Lala has not been a veritably popular party in Tamasha from the observers ’ point of view. In malignancy of being unpopular, Rauf Lala was saved and was made minister of the Tamasha House. After getting safe and having the ministry Rauf Lala came more barbarous and dominating. Of course, it’s the time when everyone is his/ her own master everyone wants to be a sovereign not to be ruled.

The same goes for Tamasha people they do n’t like this dominating geste of Lala. history, Rauf Lala had a fight with herco-contestant Humaira his station and his words were so harsh and yes also unsupportable as he said to Humaira “ Get out of then you aren’t good to play this game Aurat Khelana Ke Qabil Nahi Ha ”.

Is this the geste a elderly should borrow? Being a elderly it’s his responsibility to be patient and make everyone united rather of doing this, this most elderly person is disrespecting and acting out with his inferior associates and house members.

The public was angry before this but now they’re extremely vexed about Lala’s this geste . The sanctioned YouTube channel of Tamasha is filled with commentary in which the public is openly and bluntly censuring Rauf Lala for his gender- smirching geste and words.

What are your views on Lala’s geste ? Let us know and partake your feedback. Thanks!

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