Review: ASUR Indian Web Series

ASUR: Welcome to Your Dark Side

As we all are in the grip of two realistic aspects of our brain which have a good side and an evil side. This is the factual thought that we all generate by spirituality. Well know that it is complicated to consider, but now we have a mysterious and fiction base web series ASUR that precisely elaborates the actuality. In which a sharp-minded and clever enough serial killer, whose perception of killing is deeply related to the Hindu mythology is confronting the team of brilliant forensic experts to crack the mysterious secret behind abhorrent murders.

Along with the Asur story, the main debut actor is Arshad Warsi. Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay Rajpoot (DJ) is playing the role of a senior forensic expert, who is quite an intelligent and egoistic CBI officer, trying to solve the mystery behind the heinous murders and his relevancy with the criminal. Besides, TV star Barun Sobti is showing his precious acting talent as a Nikhil Nair, who is also a forensic expert and former student of DJ and associate co-worker. Barun as Nikhil Nair is considering his self as a forensic expert and also a teacher, who is solving external and internal conflicts. They both have done a commendable job to find the mysterious secret of the killer.

In the series, along with Arshad and Barun Ridhi Dogra, Amey Wagh, Anupriya Goenka, and talented actor, Sharib Hashmi have also done quite exceptional forensic duty. The secrecy has deeply contained the mixture of emotions that differentiate between goodness and evilness. The killer also raising some deep questions, like are we all evil or do we become evil when we face tough conditions! Is the mind the lord of the body or is the body control by some other power. Precisely the series maker has done their task to find the actual matter, mainly in the last period before the climax. DJs and Nikhil both are done prominent roles to understand the mystery.      

About Killer

Vishesh Bansal as known as Shub Joshi is the master killer of the series. Shub Joshi is not an ordinary boy rather than he has god-gifted abilities. He was born in a Hindu Pandit family in Varanasi, he is extremely intelligent and clever to do anything perfectly and with precision. But his childhood troubled experience makes him evil internally. He attempts his first murder to kill his father with brilliant planning and precision. He brutally kills his all suspect with some similarities that are, leaving the devil mask near-dead body and cutting the index finger of all the victims.     

The screenplay engaging the viewers in Shubh’s mysterious past and present-day back-to-back complications of DJs and Nikhil in every episode. Every episode is fully pithily directed which gives thriller interest and even you never feel bore to see. Series also have dynamic touch astrology, psychology, and criminology.    

The story writer tried his best to give a realistic and remarkable series in this genre. And, he did a great job to pull off the whole story in all episodes. The direction, screenplay, casting, and music are on the mark, and also appreciate managing the fabulous climax in the end. The series-ending leaves lots of question marks in the viewer’s minds, which makes them curious ahead to see the second season of Asur.       

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