Shahzad Sheikh’s sincere birthday surprise leaves woman Hina Mir speechless

Shahzad Sheikh is a largely professed artist who’s snappily making his mark in the Pakistani entertainment assiduity. While numerous may not be apprehensive. Shahzad Sheikh is the son of the protean actor Javed Sheikh and the aged family of actress Momal Sheikh. Both prominent numbers in the country’s showbiz assiduity. It’s worth noting, still, that Shahzad Sheikh has achieved success grounded on his own gift. And hard work rather than counting on his family’s connections in the assiduity. Shahzad Sheikh’s sincere birthday surprise leaves woman Hina Mir speechless.

In his interviews, Shahzad Sheikh emphasizes. That he has succeeded in the assiduity solely grounded on his own gift.

And that his father didn’t use his influence to help him. He remains humble and admits that he still has important to learn and ameliorate upon. In 2012, Shahzad Sheikh and Hina Mir got married. Unlike her hubby, Hina isn’t involved in showbiz. Rather, she’s a professional counsel and a mama of two kiddies.

Shahzad Sheikh went over and beyond to celebrate his woman’s birthday not formerly but doubly. Originally, they celebrated Hina Mir’s birthday in a simple manner at home with her parents. Where she cut her birthday cutlet in the presence of Javed Sheikh and her mama – in- law Zeenat Mangi.

Shahzad Sheikh’s sincere birthday surprise leaves woman Hina Mir speechless.

As someone who values his sequestration, Shahzad Sheikh tends to keep his particular. And professional life separate from social media and infrequently shares updates on his accounts.

Still, for Hina’s alternate birthday festivity, Shahzad Sheikh organized a surprise party. At their house with some of their showbiz musketeers. Including Wajahat Rauf, Shazia Wajahat, Sanam Saeed, and Mohib Mirza. The gathering made Hina’s birthday indeed more memorable. For her big day, she choose to wear black jeans and a black western t-shirt.

While you’re at it, why not wish Shahzad Sheikh’s girlfriend. A fantastic up-and-coming actor from Pakistan, a happy birthday in your comment? I’m grateful.

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