The death of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik has shocked the country

The death of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik has shocked the country-Social Pakora

The news of Rehman Malik’s tragic death shocked everyone. According to his spokesman Riaz Ali Turi. He announced the terrible news on his Twitter account. Pain, anguish, sorrow, and the stage of denial, he claimed, are virtually unimaginable. He delivered the news with a broken heart. On Wednesday, he passed away. His deteriorating health put his life in jeopardy, and it ultimately lost him his life.

He had serious respiratory problems that had spread to other organs in his body. COVID problems claimed his life. Rehman Malik was allegedly put on a ventilator on February 1st. Throughout these days, his condition remained unstable. He left this world after nearly a month in the intensive care unit.

This storey has been covered by every news outlet. It’s worth noting that Rehman Malik has a tight relationship with Bibi Saheed Benazir Bhutto. He did spent a lot of time with her, demonstrating his trustworthiness and commitment to his political party. We are heartbroken to learn about this tragedy. COVID issues were discovered in Rehman Malik at the beginning of this month. It became so bad that it immediately affected his lungs. He was taken to a private hospital for treatment. For his services, he would be remembered for the rest of his life.

People are sending their sympathies and prayers to the deceased’s family. We’re hoping for a maghfirat for him. May Allah Almighty grant them patience to suffer this loss. Which has undoubtedly rocked them to their core. Our heartfelt condolences and sympathies go out to his family. May his spirit find eternal rest. We are all Allah’s property, and we must all return to him.

Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), expressed his sorrow over his demise.

Remember to recite the Dua-e-Maghfirat for him. Let us know what you think in the comments area below. Thanks.

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