Director Nadeem Baig of Sinf-E-Aahan and MPTH fame opens out about his life’s misadventures

Director Nadeem Baig of Sinf-E-Aahan and MPTH fame opens out about his life's misadventures-Social Pakora

Nobody’s life is ever as easy as it appears. Certain life disruptions and upheavals are unavoidable. But they may also bring out the best in you. The brave person is the one who bravely confronts and survives these life-threatening situations. Today, we’re bringing you an intense and tragic period in the life of acclaimed director Nadeem Baig. Which he opened up about in a recent interview with Fuchsia magazine.

Nadeem Baig and his wife have experienced the loss of two unborn children. According to him, this was the most difficult time of their life, and they were devastated. Even if your child was immature, he believes that losing a child is a difficult thing to go through. Losing him causes a great deal of anguish and disappointment.

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That the lady is the one who suffers the most anguish, pain, and tragedy. A man can get distracted by his profession and other interests. But a woman will never be able to escape this horrific event. His wife had a problem with high blood pressure during pregnancy, which led to the loss of the child. This happened twice, and they decided not to try for another child for a while. That was the period when this couple decided to relocate to Karachi in order for his wife to find work in the metropolis.

The couple had to go through a difficult time in terms of their finances, career, and personal lives. After that. They had a wonderful time and were eventually blessed with a beautiful twin girl. Nadeem Baig believes that Allah has compensated them for their prior losses. And that they are now blessed in every way.

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