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Few of the Mirza Pur memes that'll make you go like, Aray! Yeh tou Main Hun…

Mirza pur has gained the attention of its audience by delivering amazing scenes, dialogues, and fabulous acting but it has also provided quite a content to the memers who never miss the chance to make a quip of almost everything known to man.

Quite immediately after the series was released, social media got pervaded with every sort of memes and jokes. So, here are some waggish ones that every desi can relate to at levels that reach the sky.

This ones goes for every desi fagged out from phuppo’s and chachi’s constant inquiries… no?

Source: Facebook

Sab kaa yehi haal hai…

Where them snakes at?

Then Pizza wars are real…

Ammi : 1 , You : 0

Wow, kiya noor hai..

All in all, the season has been praised by audience, with a surprising story and quality content.

Let us know what’s your favourite one!

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