Few Words on Noman Ijaz:

A very well-known Noman Ijaz, experienced in his field of expertise and one of Pakistan’s valued individuals. Recently, because of the words he spoke bluntly on the TV screen, the news about him is trending. We all got out of our heads and proceeded to blame him, for whatever words came out of his mouth when our people heard him say what he said. If you’re not aware of this show, so first watch it then proceed further with the article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70q6gMQFbLs&ab_channel=NajamSethiOfficial

In a show ‘Say It All with Iffat “Say_It_All_with_Iffat_Omer” Noman Ijaz was invited as the guest of the show, during the communication he talked about his relations or behavior  with his co-actresses or with the newbie girls(age group 18-20) who are looking forward to become an actress. As we can see, when he spoke about keeping his “Romantic Relations” from his wife, he was very transparent and frank.

What Noman Ijaz said is not justifiable or acceptable in any situation. Sitting in front of millions and billions of people watching you even inspired by you, you talk about something that disgusts you and your character in any way and most importantly gives such bad vibes to your fans and family. But a part of all the things I think we should look in another way as well. We’ve all heard that a picture has two sides, so maybe we should take a look on the other side as well. That other side in which maybe he was just bluffing around and joking, talking about all those things, as we all do that, isn’t that right? Often, we joke about out relational life in front of our friends, feeling assured that they understands us and that they know we’re serious or not.


Now think about it, a very senior and experienced actor who has spent his almost entire life on the television screen will ever make such a mistake to say something about his personal life which disgust him or affect his reputation Secondly, I don’t think we’ve ever heard any scandal about Noman Ijaz ‘s relationship with some actress, his wife, or any other scandal about his personal life in his entire career. Thirdly, if he was hiding “SOOO MANY ROMANTIC RELATIONS AND ROMANTIC CONNECTIONS” from his wife would he ever confess it in front of whole Pakistan on a television screen so that his wife could also watch it or maybe his wife don’t Watch TV? Wow.

Justification and Consideration:

I am not trying to justify his act or the words here, but maybe we should also try and understand what he was trying to do. His intentions were not wrong although his words were inappropriate. He should have thought twice before speaking. Sitting on a television screen speaking about a sensitive matter which can affect you and your loved ones dearly, you should be more careful about it. And even if we consider it for a moment that whatever he said contains 1% truth or 100% truth in it, even then who are we to criticize him? If his co-working people are satisfied with his behavior and all, if he is no harm to anyone in any way then we have no right to say anything at all. Everybody is responsible for their own actions.

I am not forcing my opinion or my views on you. I respect whatever you all think about this matter, as we all have freedom of speech. So, in my opinion maybe Noman Ejaz’s only mistake was that he spoke bold on the television screen and maybe he didn’t actually mean what he said maybe he was just bluffing and joking and it cost him heavily. He has the power to speak in front of all billions of people so he should have been more sensible and appropriate with his words.  As they say,

“With great power comes great responsibilities…”

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