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Mehar Bano is formerly again under fire for her vulgar transition videotape

Mehar Bano is formerly again in the limelight for her recent transition videotape on social media. suckers aren’t happy with such a bold look of her. Mehar is one of the bold actresses of Pakistan and a super confident open girl in the drama assiduity.

Numerous times she’s under fire for her tasteless and brash cotillion moves and bold filmland. Her cringe cotillion moves and revealing clothes draw great review. On the work front, Mehar Bano is seen in numerous super megahit drama diurnals like Mere Pass Tum ho, Balaa, Mere Hamnasheen, and Churails.

She proved her amusement chops with fabulous performances. Mere Hamnasheen celebrated girl is formerly again facing heavy review for the recent videotape she uploaded on her Instagram account. where she was decked out in all-black, heavy grimace makeup, a deep neck, and a deep neck.

The moral squad expressed hate and wrathfulness at her ostentatious look. Netizens didn’t authorize of her look and took commentary to bash the actress for unhappy wardrobe choices. Some social media soldiers are calling her “ Pakistani Norah Fatehi ”.

Why do these celebrities choose the bold way to draw attention from social media? They’re just attention campaigners or commodity differently? This isn’t our culture to shamelessly wear revealing clothes. This is the main reason why similar bold Pakistani actresses are facing harsh public responses and strong trolling on social media.

So what are your studies about Mehar Bano’s unrefined look? Never forget to provide feedback. Thanks!

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