Rehmat Ajmal, a star of the Meray Pass Tum Ho play, gave birth to a child.

Rehmat Ajmal, a star of the Meray Pass Tum Ho play, gave birth to a child.-Social Pakora

Rehmat Ajmal is such an amazing model and her every shoot leaves us in an admiration-inspiring mood. She’s an inconceivable cloth developer and is running an online store called Restore. Rehmat Ajmal has lately broken a piece of amazing news and we ca n’t help doting this adoring mum. Rehmat took to her social media platforms and ditched some amazing filmland from her gestation trip.

She blazoned the news of the appearance of this little munchkin. It’s really similar an amazing feeling when you embrace fatherhood. It’s surely not an easy thing to bring a sprat into this world and the pain a mama bears is completely unexplainable. The connection between a mama and her kiddies can noway get replaced by any other relationship.

Incredibly talented Rehmat is known for her character of Ayesha in the drama series Meray Pass Tum Ho. The sweats she put into her character were truly tremendous. Rehmat always works harder and harder to bring immense perfection to her work. Following her marriage, she’s not laboriously working in the assiduity and now she makes sure to give all of her attention to her son. We can see that maternal gleam on her face.

These fascinating filmland of Rehmat are truly winning our hearts and ate in love with her mesmerizing fits. suckers are eagerly staying to behold more special aesthetics of her little Baby.

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