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Sanam Jung’s witty retort to Tabish Hashmi’s Nida Yasir remark

Beautiful, magnificent, and exceptionally gifted Sanam Jung began her career. As a VJ before making a name for herself as a leading lady in various dramas. Sanam is a fantastic host who used to host a popular morning show. On the Hum TV network called Jago Pakistan Jago. Sanam has achieved great success in the modelling industry. And she is currently serving as a muse for her sister Anum Jung’s company.

She is really intelligent, and she is, of course, a beautiful woman with a brain. Which is a rare combination. Sanam Jung’s debut on Tabish Hashmi’s discussion show To Be Honest – Season 3.0. Made us all appreciate watching the show. Sanam Jung was given an intriguing topic by Tabish.

He inquired as to what she should do immediately if she wakes up as Nida Yasir. We were amused by Sanam Jung’s smart response. She went on to say that she would get up. And immediately remove all of the money from her bank account. And that she would, of course, get away with it all. Tabish asked, amusingly, if she was serious. Nida has her lovely husband, adorable children, and amazing home. So why would she want to take these things away from her. When she would rather be content with simply money? Her incredible response is very wonderful.

Sanam also revealed that she had a handsome spouse, a beautiful daughter, and a family. Sanam married Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri in 2015. And is now living happily with Alaya, the Almighty’s grace. She recently threw an amazing birthday party for her daughter. And the photos from the event were incredible.

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