Sofia Khan aka Fia Khan shares lovable weight loss metamorphosis after gestation

Sofia Khan aka Fia Khan shares lovable weight loss metamorphosis after gestation-Social Pakora

Sofia Khan substantially known as Fia Khan or sofi, is a Pakistani supermodel. Fia Khan has worked with numerous contrivers and shutterbugs in several Pakistani shows including ramp walks, photoshoots, fashion shows, and much further. Also, for a short span of time Fia Khan was also a part of Pakistani drama diurnals and announcements. Glamorous Fia Khan has also hosted numerous television programs.

This supermodel has now quit acting and modeling. As of now, she’s spending a happy and prosperous wedded life. Elegant Fia Khan has tensed a knot with a Turkish occupant and nationalist Tolaga Erken. presently, this lovable couple is also blessed with a baby girl named Alisa Erken.

Alisa Erken is Fia khan’s third son. Fia has a alternate marriage with Tolaga Erken. Well, before the birth of Alisa, in gestation Fia Khan participated numerous filmland in which she was seen gaining a lot of weight because of her gestation.

typically it’s veritably hard to get back toward your old figure after giving birth to a child but Fia proved this thing wrong as, after the birth of Alisa, Fia has again got her figure back. Fia has also participated how she lost her weight. Fia mentioned in her Instagram story that the only way through which she lost her redundant weight was by feeding her little munchkin, Alisa. piecemeal from that, a good diet and exercise also helped her in reducing her weight.

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