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Straight out of quarantine : Adnan Siddiqui’s guide for well wishers

The incredible actor is out of COVID quarantine. And took to social media to talk about what he calls “panic buttons” and their bad advice.

Adnan Siddiqui

Adnan Siddiqui is finally out of his second stint in COVID quarantine or what he calls “a fortnight of only virtual contact, away from civilisation as we know it.” The actor has come out of isolation in high spirits writing, “I feel truly blessed.” However, while the actor was happy that his quarantine was over. And that he was feeling better and took the opportunity to “express thanks. To those who checked on me regularly,” he also took to social media to talk about the people whom he terms as “panic buttons.”

Siddiqui penned down his experience on Instagram. And called out the people who would call to check up on him. But caused more harm than good. As per the actor, “The main objective of their calls was to show concern albeit in a manner that completely defied the purpose.” He went on to chronicle all the unsolicited advice that he had to endure writing, “Over these days, I have had the pleasure of memorising names of medicines, supplements, making imaginary dietary plans, random mental visits to doctors; all this while only making the right sounds of hmmms and grunts.”

Understandably the actor was tired of all the unsolicited advice but his anger went a little deeper than that. Adnan Siddiqui had his own bit of advice to dish out especially for the people who he called “over-diligent” souls, “Please do not call those who have tested positive if all you have in your script is how worse it can be. Telling someone he is going towards death with Godspeed after sixth day is criminal.”

Adnan Siddiqui ended his post COVID isolation rant. With a sarcastic plan for the future which stems from “two weeks of enduring this onslaught myself. I am seriously mulling to write to the government to pass a law. Against such calls and prosecute those who violate.”

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