18,000 E-challans have been issued by the Islamabad Police.

According to a police spokesman, more than 18,000 electronic charans have been issued to motorists for various traffic violations in the federal capital of Islamabad by police using secure city cameras.

He stated that the Islamabad Metropolitan Police is employing all of its resources and taking strict legal action against traffic rule violations in accordance with a special directive from the Inspector General of Islamabad Police (IGP).

Information indicates that the capital police of Islamabad have made more than 18,000 electronic calls to motorists regarding various traffic violations thus far. The e-Challan tickets, according to CPO Safe City, were delivered to the offender’s residence.

He added that a copy of Charan was included in the master file of the Excise vehicle for failing to pay the fine by the deadline. The fined vehicle proprietor couldn’t sell or offer his vehicle until the expense was paid.

Different banks, mobile accounts, and other digital means can be used to pay fines.

Different banks, mobile accounts, and other digital means can be used to pay fines. His PR officer stated that since the introduction of his new Challan system, there has been a significant decrease in the number of traffic violations and accidents in the federal capital.

Islamabad Police

A police spokesman stated, “Police in the capital Islamabad have decided to crack down on public service vehicles that are involved in route obstructions, passenger cheating, and overloading.” Carriers who violate traffic routes have been the subject of consistent enforcement actions. The objective is to improve citizens’ access to transportation, stated Islamabad’s Chief Transport Officer.

Taking into consideration a special report that the Sonderkommandos submitted to confirm that public service vehicles had completed the route.

According to the Islamabad Metropolitan Police, they are utilizing all available resources to assist the general public in addition to imposing traffic fines on public service vehicles for overloading, cheating, and not following routes.

Additionally, his DSP in the zone has been requested to make a severe move against PSV drivers who are more than once engaged in a similar offense. He stated that such measures would be more effective against violators, and the team’s progress would be regularly evaluated.

The Chief Traffic Officer stated that the Islamabad Metropolitan Police’s “Pucar-15” helpline was sent to his 24 Said times available and that a special unit had already been formed to check for route violations. aids in prioritizing complaints from the public.

a location where citizens can use his 24-hour hotline to make complaints. In addition, he stated that citizens can contact the hotline with concerns regarding traffic-related issues, misbehavior by PSV employees, or incomplete routes. In the event of such violations, we will continue to take consistent action.

He argued that the move was intended to “force residents of the capital to obey traffic rules, even without traffic police, using modern technology.”

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