A regional meeting on Afghanistan will be held in Tehran-Social Pakora

A regional meeting on Afghanistan will be held in Tehran

KABUL: On Wednesday, Tehran will host a ministerial conference with Afghanistan’s neighbours to discuss inclusivity within the Afghan administration and internal stability. A regional meeting on Afghanistan will be held in Tehran.

Although the Islamic Emirate not invited to the summit, its spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, expressed hope that the conclusion will benefit Afghanistan.

According to reports, the summit would primarily focus on themes such as peace and stability in Afghanistan, as well as an inclusive administration.

“We are aware that the meeting is going to take place. “We are not invite to the conference since it is about neighbours,” Zabiullah Mujahid stated.

A regional meeting on Afghanistan will be held in Tehran

Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Russia’s foreign ministries and political officials will meet to discuss the creation of an inclusive administration and other Afghan issues.

“The meetings (prior and in Iran) will have a beneficial or negative impact on Afghanistan’s position; in any case, the Iran meeting will discuss and analyse a variety of topics,” said Hafizurahman Naqi, a member of the Hizb-e-Islami Party.

This is the second regional gathering on Afghanistan since the previous government fell apart. “In light of the fact that regional and international contributions to Afghanistan are dwindling, any meeting will assist the country,” said political expert Badul Haq Emad.

Meanwhile, Amir Khan Mutaqi, the Islamic Emirate’s acting foreign minister, met with Iranian ambassador Bahadur Aminian, according to the ministry of foreign affairs, and the two sides addressed a variety of issues, including political and economic relations, as well as immigration challenges in Iran.

The development of an inclusive administration, peace and stability, economic issues, and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists will all be covered at the meeting, according to the Iranian embassy in Kabul.

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