Alizeh Shah’s Stunning Winter Looks

Alizeh Shah's Stunning Winter Looks-Social Pakora

Last week, while onstage with singer Shazia Manzoor at the Hum Bridal Couture Week. Actress Alizeh Shah slipped on the stage. And the audience became enraged as soon as she snuck onto the stage. Shazia Manzoor, on the other hand, sang so well that Alizeh Shah felt obligated to congratulate her later.

Alizeh Shah, a 21-year-old Pakistani actress and model. Began her acting career at an early age. Alizeh Shah made her acting debut in the television serial Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya in 2017. She earned instant work in other plays after that. And she continued to win people’s hearts with her amazing performance. As a result, she rose to become Pakistan’s top actress in a short period of time.

The news that Alizeh Shah had fallen in love with actor Nouman Sami began spreading on social media a few years ago. Because they were frequently seen together in public. As a result, people are in a quandary over whether or not to publicise their engagement right away. However, as the news spread on social media. The two confirmed that they were not having an affair.

Alizeh Shah has posted some fresh images while enjoying her winter in Karachi, as seen in today’s article. Yes, the actress is wearing a black T-shirt, black leggings. And a black cap in the viral photographs. Alizeh appears to be pleased with the arrival of the cold while taking the photograph.

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