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Bushra Ansari Celebrates Her 66th Birthday With Her Legendary Friends

Bushra Ansari, our iconic actress, is jolly, fun-loving, gorgeous, and sophisticated all at the same time. This girl is so active that you may watch or listen to her for hours without being bored. She maintains her sense of humour, and most importantly, her vivacity serves as a source of joy and enjoyment for others.
It is true that Dil Jawan Hona Chahiye and Bushra Ansari have put this slogan into action. Age is nothing more than a number. If you’re joyful, you can enjoy it without remorse or limitations. We’re going to show you some of Bushra Ansari’s most beautiful photos from her 66th birthday.

This captivating beauty was recently observed celebrating her birthday with her iconic pals. Behroze Sabzwari, Safina Sabzwari, Rubina Ashraf, and Bushra Ansari looked stunning, and we are completely smitten with them.
Bushra Ansari is having a unique birthday celebration. She’s holding a cake, which is rather amusing. Behroze Sabzwari’s facial expressions are very amusing.

These stunning ladies are looking stunningly elegant. Bushra Ansari is wearing a lovely saree, while Safina Behroze, as always, exudes immense perfection.
Her stunning appearance has us completely smitten. Bushra Ansari has commanded the profession for several years, and her outstanding acting abilities have earned her numerous awards.

We can’t get enough of the video since it’s so touching. Despite the fact that they are all in their sixties, their positive and lively personalities are quite remarkable. Take a peek at this special video of Bushra Ansari cutting her birthday cake. We would want to wish her a very happy birthday.
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