Living and existing are two different terms with precisely two different meanings. Simply, living means to enjoy each and every second of your life and thrive. While existing means to survive and strive even to breathe in this world.

For me living means if you’re on the death bed instead of crying you’d laugh and say “Aah! What a life! If only Allah will, I’d love to be back and live once more.”

While people who are only existing, if ask what they want from life they would answer “death”!

Why people stop living?

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There are many reasons why people stop living yet its initial is ‘losing’. The fear of losing or actually the lose, of the loved one, job or health etc. And when it starts hovering over someone’s mind they lose their mind and heart to such an extent that they lose not only themselves but their emotions. And lack of emotions is what we define as being numb or feeling of emptiness that is caused by depression or anxiety.

Once a person starts being in this state of numbness, they feel so vain as if there’s nothing left in them, in their lives and in this world for them. No purpose to carry on and no reason to be alive. They are dead inside. And hence this leads to existential crisis. And they don’t even want to exist in this world which is although mortal.

Thich Nhat Hanh rightly stated:

“Some people live as though they are already dead. There are people moving around us who are consumed by their past, terrified of their future, and stuck in their anger and jealousy. They are not alive; they are just walking corpses.”

How to start living (Again)?

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  1. Start being happy:

To start living again, one has to start being happy again despite of any circumstances. Do anything that makes you happy, a phone call to the loved one, an episode of your favorite show or a daydream. Do anything because what’s important is to get up and feel alive, feel healthy and happy. Because of one bad chapter you cannot burn the whole book.

One should know everyday is a new day and you can ever open the book of your life and start writing a new chapter full of peace and rejoice. We should know life has its own charm, it’s okay if it gets disturb for a while but you can sparkle it once again with your magic.

  • Secrets to happiness

There are way too many secrets. They say, eat healthy and you’ll feel fresh, very important. They say, do what makes you feel alive or go where peace surrounds you, logical. They say, meditate, walk and exercise to let the bad energy flow away, this also works.

All of the above works, very true. I agree, even I do too. But what is that secret that makes you happy and heals you faster. If you ask me I’ll say the followings:

a) Hope

Never lose hope. Hope is where the sadness die, hope is where old souls live, then let the hope also be your path towards happiness. Hope also gives positive energy that keeps us moving in dark times. Always hope for the best

b) Help others

There are many people that find joy in helping others. Help others and help yourself. Yes, it’s going to make you happy and help you heal. Think about those times when you’re alone and fighting your battles silently, what did you need the most? A hand to take you to light. That’s what you have to do it for others and yourself. Be the light for others and it will bring light to yourself. Try it.

c) Understanding the nature

This is a psychological fact that one thinks that everything that happens to them only happens to them, which is absolutely wrong. The delight, the mourning, even the pain is universal. Why I am telling you this is because paradoxically, you’re not alone even if you’re alone. And this, this should be a reason to continue. We all are together and we should understand this nature of life.

2) Being practical:

This is easy to say then to be done but one has to be practical in order to live life to the fullest. If one always takes things to heart and mind, it’s obvious that one day they will lose to death. Every state either good or bad, of happiness or of sorrow, comes to an end. Period.

Let’s say you’re having a bad time but by understanding that everything is only a temporary phase of life that can/will end as soon as we want, life becomes easy. Yes, it depends on us what to do and how to end such phases of life. And that is by accepting.

3) Acceptance:

Understand, what was written in destiny has already take place which was neither your fault nor there was anything you could do about it or to stop it happening. But, you can do now, by accepting. Accepting that life gives challenges to those who are capable to conquer and appreciate what’s around you.

4) Appreciation:

When we’re broken/not in the right state of mind, nothing seems right as well and we lose all the senses to appreciate thing around us. It is impossible that nothing around you is worth appreciating. Because life, itself is an appreciation. Appreciate life, for life is beautiful. There are many people struggling for their lives and then there are those who ruin their own lives just because of little inconvenience.

Forget what has gone and focus what is there and what’s coming. Appreciate people who think you’re too important to lose. Appreciate good deeds and do good deeds to serve your purpose.

5) Find a purpose:

Finding the purpose should be the utmost ladder towards living. Finding a purpose makes the person feel secure in every manner. One after finding a purpose can live a satisfying and meaningful life. If one finds what they’re searching, they can start working and grow accordingly.

Being productive sometimes work as an excuse to escape from bad vibes. If one is busy, his/her mind won’t surround with things that don’t serve them a purpose.

Don’t just exist:

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Life is a precious gift from Allah, one cannot take it for granted and stop living whenever they want. Pace of life is already too fast, no-one knows where they would be after an hour. Live as much as you can. Explore yourself and this world. Look around yourself, these trees, flowers, birds, sky, rain and everything is so full of life how could one not want to live here.

I understand what it feels to lose a loved one, I know what betrayal means, I understand losing a job isn’t a small thing, but it isn’t worth losing your sleep, your health or your LIFE either. Because life goes on, with or without, who or what you thought you couldn’t survive a bit.

Your existence is important for the world. Do good and change the world. Come out from the dark tunnel, the light is eagerly waiting for you outside it. Take a step each day towards light and one day whole of you will be bright.

Come on, start living now. Live life unapologetically, the way you want. Forget what happen, smile, pray and thank Allah for every new day.


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