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Javeria Saud has a lavish 50th birthday celebration

Popular Pakistani television anchor and actress Javeria Saud. The couple owns their production company, JJS, from which numerous serials have been produced. Her husband Saud is also a very decent man. Due to their financial difficulties, prominent performers made some severe accusations as well. They were criticised for a very long period until they resolved everything on their own and refuted all the claims.

Javeria and her family enjoy travelling a lot, and they never waste the holidays or any other time off from their hectic schedules. They started a YouTube channel where she posts about her daily activities, particularly during Ramadan.

Her admirers frequently adore the vlogs and photos she posts during Eid celebrations. She is a master at preparing various Pakistani and other cultural foods and does so in a highly polished manner.

She is a devout Muslim, as seen by the images, where we can see that she hosts Milad in the month of Rabi ul Awal and invites other female celebrities to her home. And She also organises Iftar gatherings for other men her age. They had lately gathered and spent some time with family when they were seen with Sahiba and Rambo’s family.

Javeria also had a formal celebration with her friends on her 50th birthday. It was actually a surprise late birthday celebration that her friend Nadya Gabol had organised. Javeria was sporting a nice hairdo that she had never seen before, and she was looking rather presentable. Javeria has a large group of friends, and she values the support and affection she receives from her friends and family.

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