Sheikhs of Qatar have been spotted with Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt.-Social Pakora
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Sheikhs of Qatar have been spotted with Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are one of Pakistan’s most popular showbiz couples. They are vivacious, and they keep their followers up to date by publishing photos on their Instagram accounts. The couple has a daughter, Amal Muneeb, whom they accompany everywhere. It appears they are not bothered by children and take good care of their angels.
The couple enjoys traveling, as seen by their appearances at beaches and shopping centers in Pakistan’s northern territories and abroad. They enjoy spending precious time with their friends and families.

They were recently seen at the launch of their business in Lahore, where they reconnected with old acquaintances and dined in a welcoming environment.
The couple recently flew to Qatar with their family, and as shown in the photos, they are meeting with Qatar locals and Aiman’s younger sister Minal and her husband. Muneeb Butt tweeted a lovely twinning photo with his wife Aiman in a green dress, captioning it “In Love with Qatar.” He had previously published areophane photos of Aiman sitting in her husband’s lap with the remark “Let’s tour Qatar.”

They were seen at the beach with their daughter Amal Muneeb, enjoying the scene of water dripping from a Leopard statue in another photo. “The greatest legacy we can give our children in good memories,” Muneeb captioned the images.

This remark demonstrates their undying love for their daughter and demonstrates that they pay close attention to how their angel feels in every situation. People mocked the pair for visiting Qatar during Ramadan and sharing some suggestive photos, accusing them of disrespecting our holy month.
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